Property Portfolio – Digitalized

Skenarios will digitalize your property portfolio. We replace your Excels with one beautiful web service. With our service you can see the performance of your real estate and property on map, pinpoint the maintenance and renovation need and optimize them for best return on investment.

Our service uses your data and enriches it with data from multiple sources. The service produces powerful property intelligence for property owners to understand how buildings should be maintained, managed and renovated.

The key features of Skenarios web service
  • Understand value and potential of your property stock and see which property should be maintained first to get most value for your budget
  • Scientific, non opinionated, values on technical property performance
  • Get intelligence and recommendations to support your property maintenance decisions
  • Compare lifecycle costs with real estate value and income
  • Get building component renovation and repair needs
  • Combine real time property IoT sensor data with long term forecasts
  • All your data in one place
  • APIs for building new services based on service data

Benefits for Property Owners and Managers

With Skenarios you can have all the information on how to enhance and optimize the performance of your property in their local conditions. Skenarios visualizes optimal maintenance cycles to you and displays return of investment for each maintenance and repair. Our globally scalable model does not care if you have one or hundreds of properties as our biggest advantage is the ability to handle and produce reliable analytics and metrics from large masses of data in seconds.

You can either import in your own existing portfolio or study any other building anywhere.

Benefits for Property Developers

Skenarios allows you to map the most feasible areas for property development in any city. Our data-driven model shows insight on which areas could be developed or redeveloped, including both new and existing areas. We provide locally valid and detailed data-analytics on how, when and where a developer gets the most value for the investment put into renovations or redevelopment. Any building – Anywhere.

Benefits for Construction Component Manufacturers and Resellers

Skenarios service contains large database of buildings and accurate information of their state. With our service you get high quality sales leads with insight on real estate needing renovations. With Skenarios you can see and sort results based on which buildings would benefit most of your products and services.

Integrates with your existing systems

You don’t need to get another new IT-system to use Skenarios -service. Skenarios integrates to your current IT systems seamlessly through APIs

Create new services for your customers

With Skenarios APIs you can create new services for your customers. You can share data from your property stock or show benefits of your real estate products based on scientific calculations.

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