Tired and proud

Skenario LabsYleinen

Wohoo! Crazy days behind us as SkenarioLabs participated in the Deloitte Digital Disruptors Hackathon over the weekend. It was the first for SkenarioLabs and we delivered. In just 48 hours we managed to develop and launch a beautiful web service for property risk management. Although the idea behind it came from our original algorithm evaluating the existing urban structure, we started … Read More

Deloitte Digital Disruptors in Lisbon

Skenario LabsYleinen


We were honored to be selected in Deloitte Digital Disruptors -program in Lisbon. Deloitte hand picked 25 global startups and we are among them! Deloitte is looking to transform tomorrows insurance business and this program is aimed to startups that can change and disrupt the insurance business. After a tough process, SkenarioLabs was headhunted, assessed, interviewed and selected to be one of … Read More