Kira-Digi-program: Renovation Renaissance

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By Thermos, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

Briefly in English:  SkenarioLabs along with their partners, Motiva and Vahanen PRO, has started “Kunnat Kuntoon”  (“Renovation Renaissance”) -project, which aims to estimate, take control and mitigate the technical risk of properties owned by Finnish municipalities. For many Finnish municipalities property stock is their most significant liability and property related technical risk and debt is growing every year. In 2015, … Read More

We are hiring an experienced full-stack coder in Finland

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Mac and code

Welcome to develop a growing Finnish SAAS-startup to international markets! With our products property owners, energy companies and financial institutions improve property energy efficiency and maintain property better. Your daily tasks will vary anything from coffee making to architectural design but the main focus is in developing flagship product, a location-based B2B SAAS service for international markets. We offer Possibility to … Read More

SkenarioLabs won the Kiinko pitch contest

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Original Pic from Kiinko Facebook -page.

Last week SkenarioLabs participated in the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects, aka Kiinteistöalan vuosiseminaari. It’s the biggest event for the Finnish real estate business. The topics of the one and a half day seminar range from investment and financing to construction and services in property and real estate business. The participants are executive and expert level representatives of real … Read More

Climate Street in Helsinki

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Recently we had an honor to participate on Climate Street project of City of Helsinki. The already built urban environments in Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki and Tikkuraitti and Asematie in Vantaa are searching for new solutions to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption levels. Climate Streets is a program which raises awareness of the choices we make daily … Read More

Renovation Renaissance

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Hi guys! Did you know that 35 percent of the European buildings are over 50 years old? This means that a notable part of the existing building stock is not performing well and in increasing need of maintenance and renovation. Actually 40 percent of the European energy is consumed in buildings and in the US the number is also just … Read More

We be lean to make it clean. And cheap.

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Greetings! Although it’s been quiet here in the blog, it sure hasn’t been quiet with SkenarioLabs. The development of our service, Skenarios, has taken some big steps ahead through real-life validation projects and I thought I’d write you guys some of the things we’ve learned so far. After finishing our prototype in last September, our first objective was to get … Read More

Happy Holidays Everybody!

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Xmas Tree!

Whoa! That was a year! Our young company, founded almost a year ago, is now preparing for a small break. However, we’ll be back in business and fully operating latest by Monday morning. Lot’s of things was done during the year with exciting experiences, including but not limited to, Slush and Deloitte Digital Disruptors in Lisbon! At this time we’d … Read More

No slush at Slush 2015

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Slush 2015

One highlight of a Nordic (or any, if that matters) Startup’s year is Slush, which brings together Startups and investors. Slush is more like a startup festival or party instead of a traditional corporate conference. This time Slush had 15000 people, 1700 startups and 800 investors and is one of the biggest startup events in the world. The event is organized every year in … Read More

So it begins!

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Men @ work.

Greetings from Lisbon! Again. The Deloitte Digital Disruptors (DDD) accelerator program started this week in Lisbon and now our work really begins. Deloitte and Beta-I have thought through a very comprehensive schedule for us and the other 15 startups for the next two months. Already at the start of the program, we’re certain that SkenarioLabs will be elevated to a … Read More

Best possible ending to a great week in Lisbon.

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Hey Y’all! It’s been a couple of days since the last post and we left you guys hanging on how our last day at the Deloitte Digital Disruptors (DDD) went. Our tough Boot-camp in Lisbon climaxed to Monday afternoon, where each of the 25 startups pitched their proceedings to the distinguished committees of Deloitte. We pitched among the last startups … Read More