Housemark Evolve was a blast!

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Hello world! It’s been a while since we last updated our blog. We’ve been busy taking our first steps in a new market area, and also a rather new sector for us. I thought of writing few lines on that. In the end of last year, we found an opportunity to participate in Housemark Evolve (HME), a first accelerator programme ever for … Read More

Hello World

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Welcome to our blog! We are SkenarioLabs, a brand new Finnish Startup founded in early 2015 by  Topi Tiihonen, Timo Tolvanen and Hannu Nikupeteri. Since summer 2015 we also have Angelina and Maria in our team! We are focusing to make urban living environments more efficient, durable, sustainable and healthy. We’re facing the biggest makeover of urban structure in the history … Read More