Housemark Evolve was a blast!

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Hello world! It’s been a while since we last updated our blog. We’ve been busy taking our first steps in a new market area, and also a rather new sector for us. I thought of writing few lines on that.

In the end of last year, we found an opportunity to participate in Housemark Evolve (HME), a first accelerator programme ever for social housing in the UK. What caught our attention about the programme was the fact that there was 17 of the notable London area housing providers attending HME as the pioneers who’d be ready and keen to apply the products most suitable for their needs. We applied, pitched among the 40 startups, who were selected to take part in the preliminary pitch day. SkenarioLabs got great feedback and were selected as one (and as the only company outside of UK & Ireland) of the six startups to join the programme and start to work with these pioneers in the UK housing sector.

Clear benefits

When coming into HME we knew, that we could help the housing sector through our solution, already in use in the Nordic markets, providing predictive analytics on building performance and the technical state of properties i.e renovation and maintenance needs. On the other hand, we were lacking insight on the UK housing sector itself and started to gain that when HME began.

The absolute beauty of HME, in the startups point of view, was that the potential customers are there from the beginning of the program and are willing to address their challenges openly to the startups in the program, After the first talks with the pioneers of the programme, we could immediately identify joint needs for each provider and vertical needs addressing the whole UK housing sector and could steer our solution to the right direction throughout the program.

During the program, we realized two major things:

  • Property gets repaired when it suits for the property owners budget and plans, despite what projections tell
  • Currently, we only tackle the problem for housing, but don’t offer a solid solution for it.

These are the two main things that we started to address via HME.

Finally, the demo day

The HME program officially ended to an exclusive demo day event held on the 1st of March in the glorious Shard building in London. In the final event we presented our proceedings and product to the distinguished audience consisting of the notable stakeholders in the housing industry. At the end of the event SkenarioLabs was selected, by the audience, as “the most useful product for my organization” and as winners of the demo day. We couldn’t believe it!! After Kiinko convention and Digital Freedom Festival this was the third time during this winter! Beyond this we got numerous new customers from the event and it now can be said for certain, that SkenarioLabs has come to stay in the UK housing markets


SkenarioLabs Team

Demo day of HouseMark Evolve