SkenarioLabs won the Kiinko pitch contest

Skenario LabsYleinen

Original Pic from Kiinko Facebook -page.

Last week SkenarioLabs participated in the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects, aka Kiinteistöalan vuosiseminaari. It’s the biggest event for the Finnish real estate business. The topics of the one and a half day seminar range from investment and financing to construction and services in property and real estate business. The participants are executive and expert level representatives of real estate related businesses in Finland.

SkenarioLabs had the honour of being pre-selected as one of the five startups to pitch in the increasingly popular pitching event in the second day of the convention. The idea was that each of the five startups pitch their products and ideas to the distinguished panel and crowd consisting of true professionals and decision makers of the property and real estate scene in Finland. After the pitches of these very promising prospects of the proptech-industry, SkenarioLabs was voted as the winner of the event. We’re obviously thankful and proud, and the fact that the vote was based on the question “How useful is this product to my business / organization?” makes this even better. This is the feedback that every startup/company wants and needs to hear and this will boost our on where we are heading as a company in the global proptech-scene.

Beyond the successful pitching day, the whole event deserves a big shoutout. Basically everybody you need to meet in this industry in Finland are once year in the same place for two days. So if one wants to take a grip of real estate / property industry in two days, this convention would be the forum to do it. We met hundreds of great professionals, changed hundreds of business cards, and arranged tens of meetings for the coming weeks. This was the 23rd time this convention was organized and next year it’ll be held in Tamperetalo, Tampere between 10-11.11.2017. As a winner of the startup competition, SkenarioLabs will have its own section there and will be well represented.

But, now back quickly to our customers and daily routines…

(Above picture is from Kiinko Facebook page.)