Climate Street in Helsinki

Skenario LabsYleinen


Recently we had an honor to participate on Climate Street project of City of Helsinki. The already built urban environments in Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki and Tikkuraitti and Asematie in Vantaa are searching for new solutions to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption levels.

Climate Streets is a program which raises awareness of the choices we make daily and their effect on the climate. There are several examples how our daily life can reduce effect on the climate, for example: by turning down the radiators, eating more vegetables, making the city greener and using solar energy.

SkenarioLabs participated in the Climate Streets project by providing a way to visualize climate effects of our buildings in Iso-Roobertinkatu. With Skenarios –service, City of Helsinki can automatically provide detailed information how building and especially their heating changes climate. If something changes in the buildings, the changes are immediately reflected on the public view.

Our service displays buildings on the map. By clicking them you can see more details, such as their estimated renovations and their effects on the climate.

Go ahead and check it out here!