No slush at Slush 2015

Skenario LabsYleinen

Slush 2015

One highlight of a Nordic (or any, if that matters) Startup’s year is Slush, which brings together Startups and investors. Slush is more like a startup festival or party instead of a traditional corporate conference. This time Slush had 15000 people, 1700 startups and 800 investors and is one of the biggest startup events in the world. The event is organized every year in Helsinki in November. Hence the name. However, this year weather was actually relatively nice and not slushy at all!

Even that we are at the moment based in Lisbon, SkenarioLabs was naturally there. Slush is full of people, events, inspiring speakers and everything works in very fast pace. Yet, it’s an excellent place to network, meet fellow entrepreneurs, friends and investors. It also has interesting side events such as this year’s Peloton Club by Demos Helsinki with discussions about sustainable urban development and talks and networking organized by Cleantech Finland.

This year was no exception we had interesting discussions with investors, entrepreneurs on other visitors. Lot’s of business cards were exchanged. I’m sure something great will come out of this. Looking forward for Slush’16!