So it begins!

Skenario LabsYleinen

Men @ work.

Greetings from Lisbon! Again.

The Deloitte Digital Disruptors (DDD) accelerator program started this week in Lisbon and now our work really begins. Deloitte and Beta-I have thought through a very comprehensive schedule for us and the other 15 startups for the next two months. Already at the start of the program, we’re certain that SkenarioLabs will be elevated to a whole different level during these months. We already have.

Still, the main ingredient of this acceleration will simply be hard work as all of us are developing our products to give more value for the insurance business and beyond. We can already see synergies in our ongoing projects and development with this totally new industry with different clients and problems. This again will broaden our path and these will obviously be very exciting times for SkenarioLabs. We intend to absorb every bit out of this program and make it count. And then we will deliver. Again.

We just got a place here and after few days we’re starting to get cozy. Three Finnish engineers in Lisbon – what could possibly go wrong? Saying this, I’m thinking the next post will not be so work related.

Stay tuned!